Saving lives through XR!!

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HackYourReality - Accenture XR Hackathon

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You can download the latest release from here.

How to use?

  • Go to the releases page.
  • Download & Install the APK.
  • Open the AidXR app.
  • Give Camera and other Permissions (first time only)
  • Choose a scenario i.e. skin burns, snake bites, etc.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to detect a surface.
  • Select the step number (i.e. 1, 2 or 3).
  • Tap on the screen where to place the corresponding objects.
  • Repeat the previous step for other steps.
  • Click Play/Pause Button on the top right corner to play the corresponding video.
  • Click Info Button at the bottom for Emergency Information.
  • Press Back Button to go to the main menu.


  • Your device MUST support ARCore to be able to run this application.
  • For Android Build
    • Switch the target platform to Android.
    • Set the bundle ID.
    • Build and Run.
  • For iOS Build
    • Switch the target platform to iOS.
    • Set the bundle ID.
    • Compile the files to generate XCode project.
    • Build the app using XCode.

Made with ❤ by Team AidXR