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Mayank Raj

Merging Realities

Work & Experience


AR Developer

08/2020 - Present

Acquired by Nextech AR Solutions in September 2021, which later became a spinoff as ARway in October 2022.

Developed ARway (previously known as ARitize Maps and AnchorIT) - an all-in-one metaverse creation studio that enables users to create immersive experiences by spatially mapping their location and adding interactive 3D objects, navigation, wayfinding, audio, and more.

Developed HARMONY , a mini-metaverse in the heart of London that features Augmented Reality artwork compositions from students at Guildhall School of Music & Drama and London Symphony Orchestra.

Augmented Reality (AR), Game Dev, Unity3D, Blender3D, Firebase, Web (React), UX / UI

Nextech AR Solutions

AR Developer

09/2021 - Present

Acquired ARway in September 2021, which later became a spinoff in October 2022.

Developed ARway & ARwayKit SDK - a complete solution for powering camera devices with AI to recognize their surroundings for hyper-accurate location apps.

Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain (NFTs), Unity3D, Blender3D, Firebase

AgrMayank Studios


06/2020 - Present

Launched popular AR-powered apps, including Balloon Invaders , Planets AR , Zombies Incoming!! , as well as an image converter called , Imagd , all of which are available on Google Play .

Developed a variety of immersive AR/MR/VR apps and games for mobile and HMD devices, including JioGlass.

Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality (AR/MR/VR), Game Design & Development, Blockchain (NFTs), Unity3D, Blender3D, Flutter, Firebase, Web, UX / UI

Round Them Oranges

Unity VR Developer

01/2021 - 05/2021

Built Virtual Segments - a digital web gallery that showcases diverse artworks from around the world in an immersive and engaging way keeping engagement with art alive during the COVID-19 lockdown.

It has provided a valuable platform for artists to showcase their work and expand their audience, by featuring a variety of artworks from both emerging and established artists around the world. The curatorial team meticulously selected each piece to craft a diverse and meaningful exhibition that explores different themes and techniques.

Virtual Reality (VR), Game Design & Development, Unity3D, Blender3D, WebVR, UX / UI

North Shore Therapeutics

AR Developer


Developed NST-SSD: Therapeutic Augmented Reality for Schizophrenia to cure the negative symptoms of schizophrenia that obstruct reward circuitry in the brain.

The aim of the game is to help the patients to "build belief in self capacity" by activating the reward circuitry, driving engagement and cementing durable therapeutic outcomes.

Augmented Reality (AR), Game Development, Unity3D, Blender3D

Noora Health

Senior AR Developer

04/2020 - 06/2020

Developed Virus Warrior , a coronavirus shooting game in Augmented Reality (AR) to help over a thousand nurses to relieve workload stress during the COVID pandemic.

Developed PPE Trainer , an AR app that allows nurses to practice and perfect their donning and doffing procedures for COVID-19 equipment, leading to better efficiency and improved patient care.

Augmented Reality (AR), Game Design & Development, Unity3D, Blender3D, Firebase

Blender 3D Portfolio

  • Just Another Dining Table

    Just Another Dining Table

    Made with Blender3D

  • Donuts With A Cup Of Coffee

    Donuts With A Cup Of Coffee

    Made with Blender3D

  • Bunny's Room

    Bunny's Room

    Made with Blender3D

  • A Coder's Wallpaper

    A Coder's Wallpaper

    Made with Blender3D

  • A Seaside Ride

    A Seaside Ride

    Made with Blender3D

  • The Bowling Alley

    The Bowling Alley

    Made with Blender3D

  • A Frosted Glass Chessboard

    A Frosted Glass Chessboard

    Made with Blender3D

  • Cute Lil' Fluffy Bunny

    Cute Lil' Fluffy Bunny

    Made with Blender3D

  • Part Of My College

    Part Of My College

    Made with Blender3D

  • Some Experiment

    Some Experiment

    Made with Blender3D

  • A Rose Bouquet, Just For You

    A Rose Bouquet, Just For You

    Made with Blender3D

  • A Rose Bouquet, Not For You

    A Rose Bouquet, Not For You

    Made with Blender3D

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