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Open Source Projects

Get my latest open source projects from GitHub.

  • TAT Building
    An AR based information system for Trident Academy of Technology
  • Rose Bouquet
    Rose Bouquet in AR using Vuforia
  • Treasure Hunt
    Treasure Hunt - Find the snowmen's treasure!!
  • Egg Jumper
    Jump those baskets without breaking the egg!
  • YT Downloader
    Download YouTube videos using an app made with Python & Tkinter module.
  • AidXR
    AidXR - Saving lives through XR!!
  • Solar System
    Our whole Solar System in Augmented Reality!
  • Business Card
    Business Card in Augmented Reality!
  • Election Campaign
    Plays election campaign videos virtually in AR
  • Foggy Forest
    Play as a Barbarian lost in the Foggy Forest!!!
  • IoT Projects
    Mini projects based on Arduino, NodeMCU and variety of IoT sensors.